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Make it Your Own - 30 Ways to Personalise Your Wedding


The answer to a memorable wedding is to personalize it. Make your wedding your own by incorporating individual and personal elements. They can be included in areas such as wedding theme, thoughtful gifts, wedding favours, flowers, cuisine, attire, and so forth. ExtraOrdinary Weddings has come up with 30 original tips and ideas to make yours an unforgettable wedding!

1. Bored of usual wedding venues? Have your wedding where it holds special meaning for the both of you. Some couples actually got married underwater and while sky-diving!

2. Add a photo, pick a contrasting colour scheme, make it humorous or serious or add a love quote, it is all up to you. Be prepared to expand your budget a little though.

3. Include a special dish that you both enjoy immensely in your food menu. This requires planning as the dish should match the cuisine served. Put a note in the menu to indicate why the dish is special – could be the dish you had on your first date, a secret family recipe or a favourite dish the couple like to prepare together.

4. Instead of using the usual little plastic figurines in the traditional wedding gear as cake toppers, how about creating a replica of yourselves in fondant sugar or something important to the both of you. If it is interesting with a story behind it, you can certainly incorporate into your speech.

5. For some fun and originality, opt for a non-traditional wedding cake, such as a cupcake, macaron or profiterole tower.

6. Although many may not be enthusiastic about this, it can be very meaningful especially if the gown was once worn by Mumsy! If the gown needs updating in terms of style or beading, visit a bridal boutique to help you with it. This will be the one and only in the world and those who like all things vintage should really consider it!

7. No one said it has to be white! Choose or add alternative colours to the wedding dress. Be bold, daring and innovative!

8. We heard a groom once went for secret jazz piano lessons just to be able to perform his partner’s favourite tune – “Fly Me to the Moon” at their wedding ceremony. It took months of practicing so this is not for the faint hearted!

9. Instead of marching down the aisle to tried and tested romantic theme songs, wouldn’t it be cool to use something alternative like e.g. Coldplay’s Fix It?

10. Select your own wedding music instead of using those provided by the venue operators. You may even want to add a few of your parents’ favourite tunes! They will appreciate the thought and may even surprise you with a few disco moves from their heydays. Start short-listing as early as 6 months ahead.

Photos by Avenue 8. Wedding of Dina and Denis.

11. If both of you are the wacky sort and ballroom dancing is not your cup of tea! Consider a non-traditional (read: funny Chicken Little dance) performance. It will send everyone giggling and no one will ever forget your wedding, after all you were just being yourselves!

12. Pen your own vows. Lovely dovey phrases may sound mushy on a normal day, but on your wedding day it is taken seriously! Personal vows are meaningful as family and guests will be full of emotion. Share that joyous feeling of love with everyone!

13. As you pen your vows, have your emcee can draft his/her own script too! If you have translator, make sure the both of them are able to make the same speech and hold the same meaning in different languages.

14. Arrange your solemnization ceremony such that you can face your guests at an angle. This way they can see your expression and be included in the ceremony. Your photographer will thank you for it.

15. If each of you has chosen one of your parents as a witness for the ceremony, have their partner join in the ceremony too. Full marks for making them feel extra special.

16. Using your own car can be a cool alternative to the standard Mercedes Benz! If you do not have one, hot on the wheels are vintage cars, Mini Coopers, trishaws and Vespas!

17. Up the “fun” element by experimenting with real-life props other than flowers as a centrepiece. For example, a beach-themed wedding can use beach buckets, sand and beach balls as centrepieces.

18. If you simply love flowers, try a single large flower in a suitably shallow glass bowl instead of the usual flower arrangement.

19. For a small wedding party and appropriate venue, light a few larger candles with your favourite scent. It has a romantic element and softens the room! Give miniature versions of these scented candles as wedding favours. Some candles can be personalized with your initials or names!

20. If you have talented friends, use them! They might be able to create a small entertaining piece for the audience, a song, a rap or a little sketch even!

21. Instead of throwing your bouquet, follow the Latvian tradition of throwing the veil! And for the more daring, the groom does the garter toss to single males! According to Italian tradition, ripping the veil is said to bring good luck to the couple’s new life together.

22. All guys can join in the toss! In Victorian tradition, men’s shoes were once thrown after a departing couple’s carriage as a symbol of one family transferring the responsibility to another. Imagine the scene! What a great photo opportunity!

23. Leave a paper trail. By adding small cards/notes explaining the traditions you adopt will create a meaningful and memorable surprise for your guests.

24. Share your wedding pictures with guests. If you have a photo-shoot prior to the wedding ceremony, compile CDs of the nicest shots and give them out as wedding favours. If that feels too much to handle, consider doing it as a thank-you gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

25. Adopting the previous idea, compile a CD of your wedding music, especially if your wedding has a specific theme.

26. Place a video camera at a quiet spot throughout your wedding ceremony. Get your emcee to inform guests that they can record short and sweet messages to the newly weds. People tend to be self conscious so do get your ushers to nudge them a bit! You will be surprised at the many heart warming messages your guests leave you!

27. Purchase a couple of Instax/Polaroid cameras which your ushers can use to take pictures of guests. There is usually a small space for guests to write a short note or congratulatory message on the instant picture. Prepare more film in case guests would like to take an extra shot to keep.

28. Thereafter, place instant photos (see Idea 27) on a huge board or hang them (clothes line manner) as it is more colourful, meaningful and interesting than the regular guestbook.

29. If your wedding is to be held overseas, use postcards from the destination as thank you cards. They will feel appreciative of the gesture and remember your wedding in time to come!

30. As a thank you gift to your helpers, insert a nice wedding photo of the couple and entourage into one of those fabric photo card holders.

Photos by Tinydot Photography. Wedding of Michelle and David.

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