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How to keep a Wedding Journal


Keeping a wedding journal may sound like it would take an awful lot of time but it’s really not as time consuming as it seems. There are many ways express your creativity with journaling and there’s no right or wrong way of doing it. Some couples prefer scrapbooking while others prefer the old pen to paper method. Whichever way you choose, there are both mental and health benefits to keeping a wedding journal.

Photo by Brian Ho, thegaleria. Wedding of Cherie and Kevin.

In the midst of all the planning, your mind can be a mess. So find time to disconnect from the web and jot down your thoughts. Even though social media sites can give you a sense of relaxation, studies are encouraging people to write to de-stress.

Here are some topics you can journal about:

1. Your husband/wife to be

Reminisce and remind yourself what first attracted you to your future spouse. What was the courtship like? What were the sweet surprises that you both planned for each other in the past? Take out and smile at the photographs of your travels together. Remember funny moments that brought you both closer together. Jot down the moments each of you fell in love with one another, over and over again.

2. Your future together

If planning 10 years ahead seem overwhelming for you, start small. As you journal, visualise where you’d like the both of you to be in 2 – 4 years time. What do you hope to achieve as a small family unit? It doesn’t have to super realistic. Write about the possible and improbable. Be you.

3. Your family and friends

Who are the guests? Mention a few and why you would love for them to be at your wedding. Describe your relationship with them. Share something comical or journal on their bad habits and how you still love them anyway. Why are they special to you?

4. A date

Is there a date that you especially loved? It doesn’t have to be extravagant; it just has to be your favourite date. Was it the day he proposed? Was it the day she said ‘yes’? Was it the time you both spent running in the rain without an umbrella just to have lunch at your favourite bistro? Recall the feelings of that special date and put them into words. Describe it!

5. Yourself

Since the planning started, have you noticed any changes, or realised something new about yourself? How has the experience of planning a wedding been for you? What does it feel like to be engaged? Write about your likes and dislikes. Vent. Rant. Have you discovered new ways to de-stress amid all the wedding preparations? This is your opportunity to pen it all down.

Write to be well

Wedding journaling helps you to recharge as your mind shifts away from the main focus of planning a wedding. It gives you a break. It reminds yourself of the milestones and memories you and your husband/wife to be both shared as a dating couple. Journaling empowers you during this period as it helps to put areas of your life into perspective and through the stories you pen, you find lessons in these experiences. And when you’re married, your wedding journal becomes a treasured keepsake.

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