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A Wedding with Vintage Crockery


Modern crockery is usually designed with practically in mind and when it comes to design, most would settle for minimalism because it goes with everything. It’s classic! But then again, the beauty of vintage crockery is so hard to resist! Since they’re not of the orient, each piece of china is decorated according to a particular time period in the European culture. The motifs, colours and patterns all indicate what’s considered as popular art during that certain era.

Pretty plates from Martha Stewart

Now we understand that not every couple would want a vintage theme. The other alternative theme would simply be “mismatched”, or perhaps likened to “Alice in Wonderland”. Yes, motifs of various sizes and shapes are used in this case, and the colors are substantially different.

Vintage crockery from Pinterest

Décor items
Another possibility to include vintage crockery is to use them as décor items. If you’ve ever wanted to include them in your wedding décor, you can! Besides being ornate tableware, they are ideal props. Turn your eye to colour schemes that matches your theme and think a tad more creatively as you use these vintage treasures. They are great as accessories or table centerpieces.

(L) Mismatched set from here
(R) Vintage table setting from Saddleworthshindigs

Tall centerpieces are created when you stack teacups and sauces. For that extra touch of pretty, fill them with flowers buds, petals or drape pearl necklaces over the crockery! Teapots can be used as vases too. Create an eclectic and refreshing arrangement at the reception table or at the dining tables.

Teapot vase from The Crockery Cupboard

Quaint crockery from The Crockery Cupboard

Vintage crockery sets from The Crockery Cupboard

Here’s a big tip - since vintage crockery already have lots going on (motifs, colours, styles…) keep the rest of the décor simple. 

Need more inspiration? These are some online avenues that carry vintage crockery sets:

Are you all set to add that touch of vintage to your wedding party now? Psst, your photographer will love the details too!

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