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5 Wedding Myths Debunked


When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s more than meets the eye! We debunk 5 common wedding myths to tell you what’s really going on.

Shili and Joe by d'ZIGN for youPhotographed by d’ZIGN for you. Wedding of Shili and Joe.

People often forget about the effort and time, not to mention real skills that go into creating an enjoyable wedding. Styling a wedding requires a good eye for detail and a certain degree of professionalism is needed when you set expectations. So set your rose tinted glasses aside as we debunk 5 common wedding myths!

“Everyone can create a wedding bouquet.”

A lot of thought goes into creating a beautiful wedding bouquet. Knowing your stuff means taking care of little floral details too.

Here are some questions to ponder about:

  • Are you good with flower arrangement?
  • What type of flowers do you need?
  • Where to buy all the flowers you need?
  • Do you have the necessary tools?
  • How are you going to store the flowers to keep them fresh?
  • How formal do you want your bouquet to look?
  • Will it work well with the style of your wedding?
  • Will you have the time?

But if you’ve done it before and you’re confident about creating your own bouquet, by all means go ahead! You could take up classes on creating bouquets prior to your wedding and do keep in mind to check your expenses as well. Otherwise, leave it to the professionals. They’ll be more than glad to help you out!

“I can do my own make up. I do it every day!”

Kate Middleton did her own wedding make up, should you too? Many brides take up the task of doing their own make up for many reasons. Some would prefer to keep their costs at a minimum while others prefer to have control over the finished look, especially so if they are confident in their abilities.

For those who aren’t super at it, you might want to hire a professional.Remember, what you think will look good on you might turn out differently in photographs due to lighting and post photography edits. You want to look beautiful on your wedding day, not overly caked or washed out. Professional artists would know what colours are good for your skin tone, they can create your look based on your wedding theme and venue, show you the proper way to set your make up and provide touch ups.

“My friend is good at _______ so I don’t need a professional for that.”

We know you shouldn’t stress over you wedding but hey, weddings are a special occasion and when it comes to getting the right people, you shouldn’t take it that lightly! It’s common to hear that working with someone familiar tarnishes the friendship. Though that can be avoided and unless you friend IS a professional, it’s better to stick with someone who’s got experience under his belt. Professionals can give you an objective opinion and saying “no” to anything you’re uncomfortable with is easier. Their portfolio is more than substantial and looking at other options can inspire you with essential questions about the job that you’ve never thought to ask your friend about before.

“I’m going to save costs by personalising as much as I can!”

Yes, self-made invitations and homemade favours sound fabulous! Your guests will appreciate the effort. But when it comes to personalising your wedding, don’t get too carried away with all your inspirations. Like any other item on your to-do list, customising requires time, costs and the more overwhelming it is, the more expensive it’ll get. Include a handful of cute details to stay consistent in terms of the overall feel and look of your wedding for a seamless guest experience!

“I’ve done huge craft projects before, a DIY wedding shouldn’t be tough.”

If you’re a DIY expert and you don’t mind late nights crafting cards and baking desserts, that’s great! Otherwise, let the wedding professionals do the job for you. Couples can be caught up with their work schedule and when it comes to a project like this, feeling stressed and tired just wipes away all that excitement and inspiration. These wedding elements should provide you with happiness and a sense of satisfaction during the planning process, not totally wear you out!

So relax, it’s your wedding!

The trick is to identify your skills and line them up with appropriate tasks. The simplest thing can seem the hardest to achieve. But when you know your strengths and realistically manage your time, expenses and expectations, you’ll do fine!

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