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20 Extraordinary Wedding Ideas


We came up with a compilation of 20 extraordinary wedding ideas to help you create your very own signature wedding.

RIBBONS. Gather ribbons in colour(s) that complement your theme and tie to champagne flutes. This helps to add a touch of details.

ECO-CHIC. Put together a set of mini-gardening tools and some seeds as wedding favours for your guests. You can easily find these in Daiso, IKEA and local nurseries.

Vintage Wedding Favours
Gardening Seeds Sachet. Photo by Tinydot Photography.

SUNDRESSES AND LINEN SUITS. If you’re planning an outdoor or garden wedding, encourage your guest to arrive in pretty sundresses and light linen suits.

CORSAGES. Instead of posies, order a selection of corsages for your bridesmaids. Let them decide how they want to use it and instruct your florist. Corsages are not just for wrists, it can be used on hair, neck and as a sash on her dress too.

THEME IT. Select a theme for your wedding and state it in your invite.

Theme ideas:

  • Alice in the Wonderland
  • Carnival
  • Wild Jungle
  • Old School
  • Of Pink and Browns (or any colours you like)
  • Garden Chic
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Madman
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Shanghai Chic

Wedding of Melissa and James
Old world Shanghai chic! Photo by Plush Photography. Wedding of Melissa and James

SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE. Borrow something blue from your mum, sister or best friend. Blue represents purity and fidelity. It can be a blue button that you can sew on your bouquet or an aquamarine hairpin.

MOOD LIGHTING. Lighting can make a huge difference to the ambience of the wedding. For professional set-ups, speak to your wedding planner. For simple yet romantic centrepieces you can D-I-Y simply by gathering blocks of candles in vases of 3 varying sizes and heights; about 5 -8 vases per table will be sufficient. Scatter rose petals or blooms of cymbidium and viola and you’ve created your very own centrepieces. It is sure to add a beautiful glow to your wedding!

WEDDING CAKE. Instead of a big wedding cake, you can opt to serve mini-cakes on each table. Have your chef create 10 – 12 different designs based on the theme.

WELL-WISHING CARDS. Prepare stacks of card of about 4” x 6” size and lots of coloured markers, pencils and round stickers in a few colours. Allow the guest to design their “well-wishes” or “advise for a great marriage” for your and drop it into a clear vase.

OPEN BAR. Work with the banquet manager to create an open bar for the wedding. Guests can help themselves to a selection of your favourite cocktails, wine and champagnes throughout the wedding.

GUEST BOOKS. Pass your guest book around during the wedding so that guests can take their time to write their thoughts for you. Put a note to encourage your guests to be as creative as they can be – draw, scribble, write a short story or compose a poem for you. This will be a book of priceless memories in years to come.

DESSERT BAR. Either work with the chef or create a dessert bar yourself, depending on the venue of your wedding. Choose a colour theme and stick to it. You can serve candies, cookies, donuts, cakes and pretty marshmallows.

FAIRY LIGHTS. For outdoor weddings, you can easily dress up the venue with fairy lights to add a magical touch to the wedding.

KIDS. Set a fun corner for kids to play. You can rent slides, swings, bouncing castles and toys from rent-a-toy.com. You’ll be sure that you will become their favourite aunt or uncle for a long time!

PACK-A-PUNCH. If your guests are wine lovers, your wedding favour could be a little bottle of wine plus a set of wine charms.

MUSIC. Prepare a few hours of your favourite music for different part of the wedding – light and romantic for solemnisation, jazzy during the cocktail reception, dinner; and slow, soothing tunes for the end of the evening. End the night with dance music for the party-lovers.

LIVE PHOTO/PHOTO BOOTH. Engage the help of professional photographers who can provide a photo booth station for your guest. Alternatively, create a photo booth packed with props for the guests to go wild with the camera, and can go home with a memorable photo!

TRADITIONS. Hold your tea ceremony on stage instead of having it at home. It saves time for your family member and relatives from rushing to your place in the morning, and afterwards to your wedding venue. It also gives them their moment of fame.

REAL-TIME. Having a videographer interview your guests as he makes his way around the wedding can be really fun for your guests.

SPACE STYLIST. Instead of following the traditional stage in front of the guests, engage a space stylist or wedding planner to help you style your wedding venue into a dazzling space full of surprises. You could have the stage in the middle of the ballroom and be surrounded by your guests…

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