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10 Tips for a Worry-Free Wedding


We’re dishing advice on what you should do ahead of time in order to stay sane and enjoy the fruits of the wedding planning stages. Here are 10 indispensable tips to making your wedding a big hit not only for you and your groom, but for your guests as well.

Wedding of Hse Minh and Hsueh Wei
Enjoy your party! Photo by 39East Images. Wedding of Hse Minh and Hsueh Wei.

Having things noted down in paper eases the strain on your memory a whole lot. Specifying what you want and writing things down also exercises the habit of re-looking at your choices and deciding on the practicality of your items. It also helps to cross check them with your budget! We recommend keeping a notebook or an organiser handy for easy referral, penning quick notes and quirky ideas or even storing important documents and receipts. You never know when you need to refresh your memory!

Make a note to confirm everyone’s (aka wedding vendors and your personal helpers) involvement and commitment at least a week before the wedding. This effort taken to reinforce the date, time and location with those involved minimises unexpected pull out or limits last minute changes. By reminding your help to have a fun time at your wedding, it also sends out a reaffirming message that encourages livelier participation on the day itself.

How: Spend some time to make a little personalised task list for each helper together with a list of contact details of the help team. Give it to them during the rehearsal or at least a week before the wedding. This will help minimise the confusion of responsibilities. Also, add the addresses of places they need to be at specific times too!

Never make any verbal agreements. Always ask for a black and white signed agreement with everything discussed noted down. Not only will you need to be specific about the items or services required, you also need to indicate the things you don’t want.

How: If you don’t want to see a lot of posed pictures in your wedding photo album, do inform your photographer and request for more candid photos. Make a list of “must-take” people or things as well (one thing that most photographers miss out is your invitation card and ring pillow!).

It’s natural to want to be in control of an event that’s so dear to your heart. But again, this is YOUR day and you should be enjoying every single moment of it instead of fretting over matters like food and transportation. Assign this important task to someone you trust the most in being essentially meticulous and reliable. To also do an extremely good job in overseeing the day’s events, this person has to really care about you and understand how important this day is!

How: Create a sense of involvement with these ideas

  • Bring her along with you when you attend appointments
  • Do brainstorming and planning sessions together; or at least share with her what’s happening
  • Bring her for treats just to show her how much you appreciate her help

Want to know what traffic at a certain time will be like on the wedding day itself? Or how long it takes to travel from point A to point B? Do plenty of test runs before the actual day. Check out to see if there are other events taking place nearby, or construction areas that might require a different route. Be it knowing the route to your preferred location or estimating how long you need to get ready, rehearsing earlier helps to avoid unanticipated surprises that might make or break the joyous mood of your wedding day.

P.S.: Grooms-to-be: These sound like fun things you can do with your buddies while your princess goes for her spa, manicures and facials!

Inviting people into your home is a great way to offer them a happy shelter filled with reasons to celebrate, especially on your wedding day. Cleaning up well before your big day lets you reorganise your place in ways that are conducive for the mad rush that’s bound to happen on the actual day. Your home may not be extremely neat, but keep it decorated with homely trinkets and nifty ideas that are personal to you. This also gives the photographer more ingenuous camera-friendly ideas on how to capture the best of your home in your pictures!

How: Make a list of all items that needs to be fixed, removed or replaced. Clean out all the clutters (because it will show in the pictures!)

Also, the bathroom is one place where people will definitely visit at least once during the visit to your home so make sure that this vital space is stocked with amenities for your guests. As the morning activities end, you want to leave them with fun-filled and comfortable memories and not constantly asking for toilet papers, hand soap and clean towels. So shop for your home ahead of time!

For that added touch, add some “happy” scents to create a homely feel. Simply add your favourite scent to your existing potpourri or place the essential oil on a burner before your guests arrive.

Don’t get too frazzled with all the fine details! Remember, there’s always the help of wedding professionals who have the reliable experience and expertise to conjure up a stunning celebration. This alternative assistance will prove to be of immense help as you get to share your ideas with a skilled planner who will go all out to make your big day, the brightest and most unforgettable moment in your life. You’ll get specialised consultations, dependable recommendations and most precious of all, a listening ear that’s also understanding to your needs.

At the end of the day (or the day after the wedding for most couples) when you return home, you’ll realised that it needs lots of cleaning up after opening your residence up to your guests. You wouldn’t want to spend your precious honeymoon period by cleaning up the whole day. So werecommend that you hire a cleaning service to help you put your place in order again.

Prepare a wedding survival kit for those little emergencies at least a month before the wedding day. You can grab any nifty little pouch that conveniently carries a sewing kit, tissue packs, Panadol, safety pins, nail polish, hairpins, extra pantyhose and some hard candy or breath mints. Pick only the necessary items that you will need (it’s just a kit, not your whole drawer) and don’t leave home without it.

Remind your groom to have his side of the preparations done too. He may also need a wedding day check list filled with tasks to be done. Your man might need to get gifts, call on his ‘brothers’, prepare red packets, bring along written vows, or anything else that requires him to contribute to a great wedding experience. So go on and work as a team!

You need to look your most extraordinary and feel extremely relaxed. So don’t fret if every detail doesn’t turn out the way you want them too. Like the painter’s palette, an accidental drop of red onto a blue spot creates a beautiful royal purple tone. That being said, who knows what unexpected surprises you might get when things turn out differently! So let the day go on as it should by taking everything in stride.

Worry not, keep your cool and play around with our suggestions and you’ll find that things are always easier when you’ve got friends and trusted professionals to help you out. It’s really ALL about you; so enjoy the blissful excitement of your wedding because you’re about to spend your life with the person who loves you the most.

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