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10 Fabulous Ways to Save


All it takes is a little creativity, inspiration and our 10 simple tips to achieve an affordable, yet stylish wedding dream.

Have some fun! Photo by IDO weddings. Pre-wedding of Aggie and Alex.

Go on to every possible avenue and learn more about the wedding market and find out the best options and deals for you. Tune in to vendors and suppliers that cater services up your alley. As an advantage, being decisive helps you steer clear of unnecessary changes. Do note that going for excessive demos or trials could cost you more.

Get recommendations from friends or family who had recently tied the knot on his/her experience with the wedding vendors he/she had engaged and you find the result nice. This way, it could be easier for negotiations on prices and services to take place because of references. And chances are you’ll have a peace of mind, as you know that you’ll be working with a reliable vendor.

Have an open chat with your partner to decide on budget allocation for each wedding items. Start a list of items you love to have at your wedding and pick only the ones that are important and significant to both of you.

Give yourself time to breathe and organise. Once you’re pleased with your budget and priority list, revamp the two into a checklist and give yourself a timeline to work with.

Booking venues early means avoiding price hikes and it also creates room for negotiation on value added items.

Start your beauty regimes in advance to achieve that natural, shinning wedding glow on your big day.

Do a double take on your guest list to check if you’re holding too big a celebration. It’s not a rule to invite your whole company, childhood playmates that you have not seen in ages and everyone else in the neighbourhood. Regard your list with honesty and you’ll end up with smaller costs and a list filled with people whom you’re happy to share your meaningful occasion with.

Glamorous weddings don’t usually equate to spending on pricey features and details. Determine if these details will make a difference to your wedding and whether anyone would even notice them. If you are offered an upgrade, check if they are any hidden costs involved too. Your wedding can be fabulous even without the extra flowers, laces and unlimited flow of wines and champagnes.

Here’s the chance to get involved and display your creativity. Look out for affordable ideas and prepare your own wedding favours, stationery or if you’re gifted with liquor, concoct and share your special drink. This is a great opportunity to gather friends and family to help out as well. Your wedding journey will be an unforgettable one filled with the company of loved ones.

Are you up for a casual ceremony? A relaxed setting not only alleviates the stresses of holding a formal ceremony, but it also takes away the pressure on your budget. Do note that an outdoor wedding may sometimes be more costly than one held in a restaurant or hotel - so do your research and work out your budget before deciding.

Look out for unique venues to hold your wedding. Decide on a good place that’s able to hold your guest count and set up, yet fits easily into your budget plan. Remember to pay attention to your location’s surroundings too. Depending on attractiveness of the venue, you can determine the extent of your wedding decorations as well.

Purchasing items via the web can save you time and money. This option can stretch your budget, as online products are usually more affordable because of exclusive online offers.

Along with these pointers, take that step of faith and use your imagination to fashion your dream wedding, all within an achievable budget. To help matters along the way, stay firm and compromise on a perfect solution with your partner. They key is to be resourceful, creative and most of all, have lots of fun!

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