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Violet Charm


In this theme of violet charm, there is a look of contemporary grace. the interior is draped in gladness and grandeur; nothing less than spectacular. Fine tiffany chairs are tucked nicely under spotless linen that accommodates an ornamentation of fine dining. A single, striking centrepiece towers over the dining table, winged by smaller flower vases its sides.

“Less is more” is the key principle here. We didn’t overwhelm the gazebo’s natural architectural appeal by embellishing it too much. Instead, petite bouquets enhanced its appeal. Silver tiffany chairs that line the aisle are adorned with little similar bouquets of floral wealth. We also chose a classic table setting with gold rimmed platter, polished cutleries and little golden flames. We let the gorgeous floral centrepieces steal the show.

Amethyst Crystal Silver Cocktail Stick Holder by The David Redman Collection from Vanilla Home

A refreshing soup, Chilled Beetroot and Strawberry Gazpacho served with a skewer of goose berry

Beetroot Carnaroli Risotto with Prawn

(Left) Gold Rimmed Plates by Narumi & Dynasty from Takashimaya Departmental Store

Use our tips to work effectively with a grand venue and discover other ways to create a beautiful theme too:

  • Add a quirk by personalising your drink with a clever blend of delicious and romantic inspiration. The colour of burgundy is served at this special occasion.

  • Let your colour inspirations trigger your imagination; draw on the palette to create novelties that define your theme.

  • The perfect menu should deliver your guests from the now, to where your theme wishes them to be.  

  • By using a single shade of colour, customisable place cards and menu cards in light bronze exude quiet humility in elegant typography.

  • Work within your theme to reveal a fitting look that blends perfectly with everything else that’s uniquely you.

Stay charmed!

Venue and F&B: Alkaff Mansion
Styling: Fabulation
Photography: Tinydot Photography
Props & Décor: Vanilla Home
Props & Décor (Plates & Crockery): Takashimaya Departmental Store
Wedding Bands: Flower Diamond Boutique
Engagement Ring: Flower Diamond Boutique
Wedding Stationery: Nineteen Design Studio
Tiffany Chairs: Wonderland For Detailed Planners

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